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Re: ferret users

Hi Stephanie,
What kind of trouble are you having with ZAXREPLACE?   It
does work on 4-dimensional data, with the result having the same
X, Y, and T axes as the first argument to the function.  The
second argument can also be a function of X, Y, and T.  You
can use the following command to see more about how the grids
of the arguments to the function are used in computing the result:

yes? show function/details zaxreplace

Ansley Manke

Stephanie.Moneris@cetiis.fr wrote:

Dear Ferret users

I 've got troubles using the function ZAXEREPLACE in 4 dimensions (i,j,k,l).
For each sigma level I compute a 3D-variable (e.g temperature) depending on the time t and it's horizontal location x,y, I want to be able to read the same variable projected on a z-axis.
So my problem is to convert the 4D table COMPONENT(x,y,sigma,t) into the 4D table COMPONENT(x,y,z,t). Is there anyone who knows how to do it ?
Best Regards.

Stephanie Moneris

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Aix Métropole, Bât. D
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Email: Stephanie.Moneris@cetiis.fr

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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