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Problems with Windows 98


I'm having big problems starting Ferret with Windows98. I've tried two
different X servers (Starnets X-win32 and Microimages MIX) and nothing work.
I've tried also to change the Initial Evironment to 4096KB.
The error messages are the following:

Too many parameters
 You must set your X server DISPLAY variable
 Use the Control Panel, double click on System, click
 on the Environment tab and add a DISPLAY variable.

 Or, set it at the bash command line before starting Ferret.

 See the README file for more information

 Setting DISPLAY variable to default value of :0.0
The HOME environment Variable was unset
Setting HOME to c:\Program Files\TMAP

ferret.sh: mount:command not found
Available commands:
    finder (Windows version of Fgo, Fdata, etc.)

Type help after starting ferret to load your default Web browser
with the Ferret documentation home page

ferret.sh: exec: bash: not found

Does anybody have any hints?

Thanks in advance

Pedro Tildes Gomes

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