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Cautionary note about FERRET under AIX...

I was having problems with some namelist stuff on our AIX box and was tearing
my hair out trying to figure out why the exact same code wasn't working when
it worked just fine on our IRIX box. Turns out the AIX version of ferret_paths
has the following lines in it:

# Mod for AIX Ferret users -- needed for namelist reads
if (`uname` == AIX) then
   setenv XLFRTEOPTS namelist=old
   setenv LANG C

The 'setenv XLFRTEOPTS' is what was tripping up my wholly-unrelated code. 

Just a note in case others have had the same problem and were wondering what
the heck was going on. Keith Lindsay (another FERRET user) pointed this out
to me, and kudos to him.
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