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Re: vis5d

Hi everyone,
One of our helpful Ferret users helped Martinho; the .v5d
file that was written by the function was byte-swapped, apparently
due to differences between his SuSE linux operating system and
the Redhat OS where we compile Ferret and the external
functions. Thank you to those who helped out Martinho by
providing a new shared-object file for the function writev5d.

There are two possible solutions to this particular problem:

1) Set yourself up to compile external functions, as described on
the External Functions webpage:
and compile the function writev5d.F.  This source code is
available from the webpage, under the link to external_EF_code.


2) Download the shared object file which Martinho received.
It is available in the "contributions" section at the bottom of the
External Functions page.

Ansley Manke

Martinho Marta Almeida wrote:

> Hi,
> Anyone knows why the ef_wv5d_demo.jnl returns:
> GO vis5d_start coads_suv.v5d
> Error: not a v5d file
> Error: datafile coads_suv.v5d not found
> Im using Ferret 5.4.0 under suse linux 8.0
> Thanks
>   Martinho Marta Almeida
>   Physics Department
>   Aveiro University
>   Portugal
>   martinho@fis.ua.pt
>   http://www.mat.ua.pt/bjc/mma/

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