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new question about FFTA

Hi Ansley

> One thing you could do, if there is just one missing timestep, is
> to skip that first value by sending  variable[l=2:428]  to the function.

This work fine. But what would happen if the missing value is for
example the 20th? or the range from 125 to 201?

> Somebody on the list here might suggest the right way to deal
> with missing time steps to get a good FFT analysis - a local
> mean might be a better idea than the overall mean, as you'll
> see from the example below.

When you say local mean are you talking about the individual Jan,
Feb,... means? If so how do I can compute those means, and how do I can
introduce their values within the corrected data frame.

Thanks in advance,

Antonio Rodríguez

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