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Re: Vectors and module in an alternative way

It is tedious, but it is possible to get more line colors
than the standard six by using the PPL COLOR command:

Make the first 6 sets of vectors using Ansley's method, 
then define the 7th set and:

PPL COLOR,1,red,green,blue	! RGB values 0 to 100
VECTOR/OVER/COLOR=1 umask,vmask
! define the 8th set
PPL COLOR,2,red,green,blue	! different set of values
VECTOR/OVER/COLOR=2 umask,vmask

You can keep doing this until your patience runs out.
(And by the way it works for PLOT lines as well).

Then remember to reset all colors after!

If you look at the resulting postscript it will add a line
of the form:

ct 2 [1.000000 0.000000 0.000000] put

with the values of RGB you chose, at that point in the file.
Thus it changes the definition of color 2 (in this case) from
then on in the postscript.

Billy K

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