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Re: Vectors and module in an alternative way

Hi everyone,
A few more ideas:  This could be done using the ideas in the
polymark.jnl and the centered_vectors.jnl script.  polymark.jnl
plots a set of polygons, which may be colored according to the
value of some variable field.  centered_vectors.jnl  creates a
data file with the locations and vector components, and calls
scattered_vectors.jnl which computes the vector rotation and
the lengths of the shaft and arrowheads, then draws the vector

One would need to use the ideas in centered_vectors.jnl and
scattered_vectors.jnl to create polygons in the shape of the
arrows and in the correct location at each grid location, and
then use the polygon command to plot the arrows using the
desired color.

I know that Salvador is a novice Ferret user, but is anyone
interested in developing such a script?   It would be a useful
addition to the collection of Ferret scripts.


Salvador Calabria Montero wrote:

> Hello everybody:
> I have got a NetCDF set of wind data and I'd like to get a draw like this:
> The field of velocity modules and the field of vectors in this way: vectors
> coloured follwing the velocity module and a set of levels defined. In other
> words, instead of having a velocity field and a vector field overlaying it, i
> wonder if it is possible to get such configuration from Ferret.
> Thank in advance for your help

Ansley Manke  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory  Seattle WA  (206)526-6246

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