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Re: un-dark a zero contour

> By default the contour lines of the zero contour will be a 
> heavy (DARK) line. How to 'UN-dark' a zero contour? I mean 
> that I want all the contours, including zero contours, looks 
> the same.

Easy. As long as you're willing to specify the levels by hand.
For example:

contour varname                           ! dark zero contour

contour/lev=(-10,10,1,-1)line(0) varname  ! thinline zero contour

All the contour levels are controllable by this method, which can
specify dark, line, dash for any line or set of lines. E.g.

! lines for neg values, dashes for positive
contour/lev=(-10,10,1,-1)line(-10,0,1)dash(1,10,1) varname 

Billy K

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