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variable definition

Greetings Ferret Users,

I have what seems like a simple question, and despite the fact that it's
driving me nuts, I'm sure there are many of you who can provide a simple

I have data defined on an irregularly spaced z-axis (numerical model output),
and I need to define a variable also defined on this axis. This variable will
simply hold integer values of a certain parameter (i.e. it will be valued at 1
at 50 meters, 1 at 100 meters, 2 at 200 meters, etc). I tried putting the
parameter values into an ASCII file and reading them in, but when I do that I
get the values on a regularly spaced axis, which is unsatisfactory for
comparison purposes.

Any help / suggestions will be greatly appreciated!




William Lewis (welewis@students.wisc.edu, will@blue.meteor.wisc.edu)
Department of Atmospheric Sciences / Center for Climatic Research
University of Wisconsin -- Madison

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