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Re: t-axis clash with variable called T

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Glenn Carver wrote:
 I am trying to work with netCDF files created from ECMWF ERA40
 analyses. Unfortunately temperature has been given the name 'T' which
 clashes with the time axis variable 't' in Ferret.
Hi Glenn,

You can use special variable names like these if you enclose them in
single quotes:

yes? list 't'

For more info see the User's Guide, Ch.3, Sec. 1.2.
Well, that's what I thought too but it didn't work when I tried it:

yes? save/file=output.nc 'T', U, V, PV, O3
LISTing to file output.nc
**ERROR: command syntax: illegal output variable name: T
*** NOTE: Name must use letters and digits beginning with a letter
*** NOTE: X,Y,Z,Y,I,J,K,L,XBOX,... are reserved names
*** NOTE: Use the LET command to define a legal name

Unless this is something that appeared in a recent ferret as I'm using 5.22 under IRIX6? (although it wasn't mentioned under the list of changes).


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