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Re: t-axis clash with variable called T

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, Glenn Carver wrote:
> Well, that's what I thought too but it didn't work when I tried it:
> yes? save/file=output.nc 'T', U, V, PV, O3
>   LISTing to file output.nc
>   **ERROR: command syntax: illegal output variable name: T
>   *** NOTE: Name must use letters and digits beginning with a letter
>   *** NOTE: X,Y,Z,Y,I,J,K,L,XBOX,... are reserved names
>   *** NOTE: Use the LET command to define a legal name

I see, perhaps the single quotes allow you to view INPUT variables, but
not output to a file.  Unless someone has a more elegant solution, then,
you could proceed in 2 steps:

(1) Rename the variable to something like "VAR_OUT" and dump that to the
NetCDF file.

(2) Outside of Ferret, rename VAR_OUT in the NetCDF file to T.  I
typically do this using the NCO utility "ncrename".

Hope that helps,


Andrew Wittenberg          Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
andyw@splash.princeton.edu                        Princeton University

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