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Re: Multiple variables in one file


After a brief look at the source code for the GUI I can find no
restriction on the number of variables in a dataset.  I suppose it's
possible that there is some limit inherent to your version of the XMotif
but that seems a stretch.

Unfortunately, the GUI has been unsupported for several years now and
the only recourse is to learn how to use the command line version of

Sorry the GUI isn't working for you.

-- Jonathan Callahan

Owen Leonard wrote:
> I am trying to view different variables using the gui, but the menu
> won't show all of the variables I have in the file.  I drop down the
> 'select' menu in the data section, and I see about 15-20 variables.  I
> have around 100 variables in the one file.  Is there a limit to how many
> variables are can be view in this drop-down menu and thus on how many
> you can view with the gui, or can I change some settings somewhere?
> ********************************************************************
> Owen Leonard
> Atmospheric Science
> Colorado State University

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