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Missing axis values?

Hello Ferreters - another probably naive question that has a simple

I've loaded in some data that I obtained from the cdc archive, and upon
loading in, this is output:

*** NOTE: Coordinates out of order or missing on axis lon at subscript 29
*** NOTE: A dummy axis of subscripts will be used

Showing the details of the grid gives:

	name	axis	#pts	start		end
	LON	X	41 r	1		41
	LAT	LAT	19 r	30N		75N
	LEVEL	850mb	1  r	850		850
	TIME	TIME  1460 r	01-JAN-99	31-DEC-99

As you can see, I've had my x-axis stolen! I want it to be from 70W to
30E - any idea how I might go about changing it because currently when
using shade/fill, it produces a plot with the correct LAT range, but LON
goes from 1E to 41E. I should also point out that there is an array loaded
in also called LON which has the appropriate details of the LON axis.

Many thanks

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