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Re: Missing axis values?


The important thing to note is that the LON axis of the grid doesn't have the
little 'm' following the 'r'.  That means that Ferret doesn't understand it as
a modulo axis. That's probably why you see the  'Coordinates out of order'
message.  You've gone around the branch cut.

This is a general problem Ferret has with CDC data.  They don't specify modulo
axes the way Ferret expects them.

The solution is to tell ferret the axis is modulo after loading the data.

! Set the X axis "modulo" flag to create a longitude axis.
set axis/modulo `~your_variable~,return=xaxis`

Note that you will find the same problem (same solution) with their
climatological datasets.

! Set the T axis "modulo" flag to create a climatology.
set axis/modulo `~your_variable~,return=taxis`

-- Jonathan

Richard Dixon wrote:

> Hello Ferreters - another probably naive question that has a simple
> answer!
> I've loaded in some data that I obtained from the cdc archive, and upon
> loading in, this is output:
> *** NOTE: Coordinates out of order or missing on axis lon at subscript 29
> *** NOTE: A dummy axis of subscripts will be used
> Showing the details of the grid gives:
>         name    axis    #pts    start           end
>         LON     X       41 r    1               41
>         LAT     LAT     19 r    30N             75N
>         LEVEL   850mb   1  r    850             850
>         TIME    TIME  1460 r    01-JAN-99       31-DEC-99
> As you can see, I've had my x-axis stolen! I want it to be from 70W to
> 30E - any idea how I might go about changing it because currently when
> using shade/fill, it produces a plot with the correct LAT range, but LON
> goes from 1E to 41E. I should also point out that there is an array loaded
> in also called LON which has the appropriate details of the LON axis.
> Many thanks
> Richard

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