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Re: vector plots in stereographic projection

Hi Bernadette,

Jon Callahan, who is the expert on the "mp" machinery is away for
several weeks. I'll attempt to fill in.

I made a quick check of the Email archives and came across this

Known problems with the curvilinear VECTOR command include its inability
to deal properly with irregularly spaced grids. Is that a factor in your
plots?  If so, simply regrid to a regular grid.

A quick test of the commands below it seems to be working ....

    - steve

set wind/asp=.55/size=0.4
use coads_climatology
set region/y=50n:90n

set view left
set grid sst
go mp_stereographic_north
shade sst[l=1],x_page,y_page
go mp_fland
vector/over/l=1 uwnd,vwnd,x_page,y_page

set view right
shade sst[l=1]
go fland
vector/over/l=1 uwnd,vwnd


Bernadette Fritzsch wrote:

> Hallo,
> i have some data which i want to plot in stereographic projections.
> My script looks like
> go mp_stereographic_north
> set region/y=50n:90n
> set grid thick
> contour /lev=(0,5,1) thick ,x_page,y_page
> set grid u
> vector u,v,x_page,y_page
> The first works well, the second does not. WHy?
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks.
>         Bernadette


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