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Re: Problems with using the xlimit qualifier!?

Hi Bruce,

	This is a problem that I have had in the past, and is easy to fix. I
remember coming up with, or getting an explanation for this behavior at some
point - but it escapes me at this moment. I am sure you will be happy with just
getting a solution (or work-around).

	This easiest way is to just extend your SET REGION a little past your
plotting region (1 grid point will do it), I will guess from the graphic you
supplied that you have 2.5 degree resolution in longitude. So you can just
modify your .JNL as follows:

yes? set region/x=0:362/y=60S:90N ! from 0E:0W

And this should do it...


On May 15, 11:20pm, Bruce W. Ford wrote:
> Subject: Problems with using the xlimit qualifier!?
> Ferret folks!
> I'm having a hard time with a my plots (worldwide)
> when I use the /xlimit qualifier.  All things being
> the same, everything's fine until I use it.  When I
> do, I have a small stripe on the far right of the plot
> that doesn't fill.  I'm using xlimit to label the
> x-axis the way I want.
> Here's the bad output (gif):
> http://www.met.nps.navy.mil/~bwford/thesis/finals/philsea-slp-slp-long.gif.
>  Look to the far right.
> Here's the code.  I'm confused because the lat and
> long match in the region and xlimit lines.
> set region/x=0E:0W/y=60S:90N
> "/d/clim/bwford/public1/finals/philsea-slp-slp-long.cdf"
> fill
> /XLIMITS=0E:0W:22.5/nolabels/pal=anomaly/lev="(-1,1,.1)"
> slp
> go land thick
> go box 0 360 0 0 7
> go box 180 180 -90 90 7
> FRAME/file="/d/clim/bwford/public1/finals/philsea-slp-slp-long.gif"
>-- End of excerpt from Bruce W. Ford

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