Table for Berchok, 20 NMML moorings

Mooring Hardware Request

NMML - C. Berchok
Sept 2015 - F/V Aquila
17 Moorings
(Beaufort, Bering, Chukchi Seas)

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Yellow mooring float with ice profiler in frame. Photo by Scott McKeever
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updated 7 July 2015

Subsurface Moorings Sept 2015

17 subsurface moorings will be deployed, same design as 2014, 2 release types. (see images below, right)
9 of these moorings will be turned around at sea, including releases & stainless.
Need stainless and new releases for 8 moorings.
Equipment will load August 25, 2015 (estimate).

No floats are required from the shop.
No deck set (sharing with Lebon).
No ship loading assistance needed.
No new swivels/isolator plates (use parts from last year's at-sea work).

Project: NMML - C.Berchok 
Location: Beaufort, Bering, Chukchi Seas 
seafloor ~40 meters 
Deployment12 months 
release 17  
30" float 1m stainless chain float-to-AURAL
AURAL   1m chain AURAL-to-release
release  1.5m chain release-to-anchor
seafloor   varying depths (40,50,100m)
Shipping Information: Estimate loading Sand Point, August 25, 2015
Special Note 1: Turnaround 9 moorings from last year.
"Need" (above) lists parts for 8 moorings.
Special Note 2: 2015 Releases: 8 of 866HB units and 9 of 8242 units
NOTE: This request is for NMML, Catherine Berchok.

Mooring Design Examples (from 2014)
  2 Release Types

8242 releases

866HB releases