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FOCI Cruise Planning Documents

January 2002

Project Description Form
On-line version
RTF version
PDF: Anticipates science plans for the upcoming season PIs submit to FOCI Coordinator July
Field Operations Schedule Lists cruises, dates, ports, operations, personnel FC and FOLs create draft September
Cruise Overview Preliminary document summarizing operations, special needs CS submits to FLO and FOLs December
Sample Request Form and SRF purpose/abbreviation key SRF: describes samples to be collected and processing requirements; Rich Text Format PIs submit to CS 120 days before cruise
Chemical Inventory ChemI: pre- and post-cruise; lists all chemicals to be used by a research component during a cruise, and how they were used and what portions remain after a cruise PIs submit to CS 120 days before cruise
Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS: provides detailed information for each chemical PIs submit to CS 120 days before cruise
Cruise Instructions CI: draft and final; list logistics and operations for cruise CS submits to FOLs and FLO 95 days before cruise
Chemical Disposal Plan Instructs personnel when owner does not personally load and unload PS submits to CS 100 days before cruise
Chemical Transfer and Storage Form Provides for temporary storage of chemicals and transfer of chemicals to new responsible party or vessel PS submits to other responsible party 45 days before loading
Health Questionnaire Provides information on current health PS submits to FLO At least 30 days before cruise
Emergency Contacts Provides emergency contact information for each participating scientist PS submits to CS, CS submits to FLO At least 30 days before cruise
Ship Operations Evaluation Form (PDF, HTML) Evaluation of ship performance  CS submits to the FLO at the laboratory No later than 25 days after the cruise
Cruise Report CR: a compilation of scientific accomplishments during cruise CS submits to  FOLs, FC and FDC Within 30 days after cruise

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