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Cruise Number:RB00-07 Leg II
FOCI Number: 1RB00


NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown

Area of Operations:

Bering Sea


Dutch Harbor, Alaska, September 16, 2000

Dutch Harbor, Alaska, September 23, 2000

Participating Organizations:

NOAA - Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL)

NOAA - Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC)

University of Alaska - Fairbanks (UAF)

University of California

Chief Scientist:

William Parker M PMEL USA

Participating Scientists:
Rick Miller Eng. Tech. M PMEL USA
William Floering CTD M PMEL USA
Dave Kachel CTD Data M PMEL USA
Calvin Mordy Nutrients M PMEL USA
Christine Baier Zooplankton F AFSC USA
TaeKuen Rho Nutrients M U. Alaska USA
Oakley Cochran Nutrients F U. Alaska USA
Stacy Smith Sediments F U. Alaska USA
Lucy Vliestra Ornithologist F U. California USA

Objectives of the Cruise:

The SEBSCC program element objective is to monitor the water properties and circulation along an oft-repeated oceanographic section in the Bering Sea. We will recover and deploy instrument moorings at FOCI sites M4 and M2, and M3. A search for mooring 00BSM-3 will also be conducted during the cruise as time permits.

Summary of the Cruise:

The RB00-07 Leg II cruise itinerary and plot included in the attachments.

The Ron Brown departed Dutch Harbor on the 16th. of September for a location north of Site# 2 to continue the search for surface mooring F-00BSM-3 . During Leg I of this FOCI cruise, acoustic signals from the release appeared to be observed at this location.

Upon reaching the search location, an acoustic search and echo sounder search were conducted with out indication of the mooring on the surface or on the sea floor. Dragging operations were preformed a number of times over the earlier noted location with out results. An acoustics search was conducted around the area and about 20 miles south without any positive results on the mooring's location. After completing 12 hours of search operations, the cruise proceeded on to mooring site# 4.

At site# 4, two subsurface moorings were recovered. One subsurface mooring was deployed and the CTD/ Bongo/ Calvet grid was completed.

At site# 2, one surface mooring and one subsurface mooring were recovered. Dragging operations were attempted to recover an earlier missing subsurface mooring without any recovery results. Three subsurface moorings were deployed at site# 2. The grid of five CTDs/ Bongos was completed. Two sets of Methot net tows were also completed before leaving site# 2.

At site# 3, one subsurface mooring was recovered and the lower half of a second was recovered. The University of Alaska sediment trap mooring had been cut in half by what appeared to be a fishing trawler. The sediment trap and upper flotation were missing. Two subsurface moorings were deployed and the CTD/ Bongo grid was completed. An acoustics search for mooring F-00BSM-3 was conducted at the CTD grid sites around mooring site# 3 and inside the grid "box" in 2 miles sections. A ten hour search resulted in no positive acoustics responses.

The Ron Brown concluded cruise RB00-07 in Dutch Harbor on September 23, 2000.

bullet Mooring Deployments: 6
bullet site# 4- 1
bullet site# 2- 3
bullet site# 3- 2

bullet Mooring Recoveries: 6
bullet site# 4- 2
bullet site# 2- 2
bullet site# 3- 2
bullet CTDs: 20
bullet Bongo Net Tows: 17
bullet Calvet Net Tows: 9
bullet Methot Net Tows: 4


We would like to thank the officers and crew of the Ron Brown for their efforts to complete the PMEL/AFSC operations on RB00-07 Leg II.

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