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Cruise Number:MF-9801
FOCI Number:FOCI 9801
NOAA Ship:Miller Freeman

Area of Operations: Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea


Departed Kodiak, Alaska: February 16, 1998
Arrived Dutch Harbor, Alaska: February 27, 1998

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Participating Organizations:

NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center
University of Alaska

 Chief Scientist  Affiliation
 William Parker PMEL

 Personnel  Affiliation
 William Parker  PMEL
 Carol Dewitt  PMEL
 Nick Delich  PMEL
 Elaina Jorgensen  NMFC
 Stacey Smith  Univ. of Alaska

Objectives of Cruise:

1. Recover and deploy moorings at the FOCI study areas of Shelikof St. and the Bering Sea site #4, Nunivak Is., site #2 and site #3.
2. Conduct biological sampling in project areas.
3. Complete CTD lines between mooring sites.

Summary of Operations:

On February 17 the Miller Freeman departed Kodiak, Alaska in route to Shielikof Strait to begin Cruise MF-9801 by deploying four subsurface moorings. After completing the mooring operations, the Line Eight CTDs (7) with selected bongo tows were executed. Moving south to Pavlof Bay, an attempt to recover the 1997 CRAB mooring failed. The mooring appeared to have lost it's flotation and was laying on the bottom. Dragging attempts for the mooring failed to recover the equipment. The 1998 Pavlof Bay mooring was not deployed. It will be redesigned and deployed later in the year.

Upon reaching Unimak Pass, CTD and bongo stations at Lines A and D were completed.

Leaving Unimak Pass the Miller Freeman headed toward mooring site #2. Approximetly 40 miles south of site #2 ice flows were visable. The ship worked through the ice until it became solid at 13.5 miles south of mooring site #2. Working our way south we completed CTDs/bongos on the line between sites #2 and #3. A day later, with southern winds picking up we were able to reach mooring site #2 and complete the mooring recoveries (3), mooring deployments (4) and the CTD/bongo grid around the site. The northern CTD station of the grid was on the ice edge.

Arriving at mooring site #3, dragging began for the remainder of mooring F-97BSM-3. The mooring was recovered on the second attempt. All the instruments were recovered with the exception of one MTR that was dislodged by the grapple hook during the recovery. The University of Alaska's Sediment Trap was deployed and CTD/bongo stations were completed at site #3, following the CTD line south toward mooring 6, we then completed the CTD at mooring site #6. At that time the Miller Freeman headed toward Dutch Harbor arriving there on February 27th.

The possibility of completing the operations at mooring site #4 and Nunivak Island were eliminated due the southern extent of the sea-ice in the northern Bering Sea.

The order of cruise operations is listed in the attachment.


Mooring recoveries : 4
Mooring deployments : 9
CTD casts : 40
CTD casts with nutrients:31
Bongo net tows: 26
CalVET net samples: 2


We would like to thank the C.O. Gary Petrae and the officers and crew of the Miller Freeman for their cooperation and assistance in meeting the cruise objectives. Special thanks to Chief Survey Tech Bill Floering, CB Rick Pietrusiak, and CE Steve Bush for their help and assistance.

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