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Cruise Number: W98-05B


Area of Operations:

North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea


Departed Dutch Harbor, Alaska: May 25, 1998
Arrived Dutch Harbor, Alaska: June 14, 1998

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Participating Organizations:

NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

Participating Scientists

 Chief Scientist  Affiliation
Ronald K. Reed  PMEL
 Personnel  Affiliation
 Carol Dewitt  PMEL
 Dave Kachel PMEL
 Calvin Mordy  PMEL
Sheri Rees  PMEL
 Dave Wisegarver  PMEL
 Kurt Zegowitz  PMEL

Objectives of Cruise:

Our major objectives were to: (a) gain additonal information about upper-ocean water properties and circulation relevant to fisheries; and (b) obtain water property measurements over the eastern and central Bering Sea basin to determine deep and bottom water circulation. The objectives in (b) were met by making full-depth CTD casts, supplemented by sampling for silica, CFCs, tritium and helium. Underway observation of surface temperature, salinity, winds and currents (ADCP) were also carried out.


CTD casts: 94

CTD casts measured temperature, salinity and pressure from the surface to near bottom (as great as 6800m). On most, but not all stations,12 to 24 samples were taken for analysis aboard of silica and freons (CFCs). Samples were also taken for lab analysis of helium and tritium.

Underway ADCP data, surface temperature, salinity and wind data were recorded throughout the entire cruise.

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