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Cruise Number: W98-04D
FOCI Number: FOCI 9807

Area of Operations:

Bering Sea


Departed Dutch Harbor, Alaska: April 30, 1998
Arrived Dutch Harbor, Alaska: May 5, 1998

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Participating Organizations:

NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center
University of Texas
University of Alaska

Participating Scientists

 Chief Scientist  Affiliation
 Carol DeWitt  PMEL
 Personnel  Affiliation
 Bill Rugen  AFSC
 Destri Wion  AFSC
 Mike Dowgiallo  NOAA
 Terry Whitledge  UT
 Lynn Tinnin  UT
 Taekun Rho  UAF
 John Goering  UAF

Objectives of Cruise:

1. Complete CTD lines at and between mooring sites.
2. Conduct biological sampling in project areas.

Summary of Operations: The WECOMA departed Dutch Harbor on the evening of May 30, 1998. There were three major sampling areas: a CTD and nutrient grid at mooring site 2 (at the beginning and end of the cruise), a CTD and nutrient line between mooring sites 2 and 3, and a CTD and nutrient grid at mooring site 3. The WECOMA returned to Dutch Harbor on April 5, 1998.


CTD casts with PAR, fluorometer and transmissometer : 30
Chlorophylls 14
Carbon 13 7
DON 27
Nutrients 27
Productivity 4

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