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June 12, 1998


Cruise Number: MF98-08
FOCI Number: FOCI 5MF98
Ship: Miller Freeman

Area of Operations:

Gulf of Alaska

Depart: Kodiak, Alaska; 21 May 1998
Arrive: Kodiak, Alaska; 30 May 1998

Participating Organizations:

Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC)


 Chief Scientist Affiliation
 Kevin Bailey  AFSC
 Participating Scientists  Affiliation
 Kathy Mier  AFSC
 Jan Benson  AFSC
 Sue Picquelle  AFSC
 Elaina Jorgensen  AFSC
 Bern Megrey  AFSC

Objectives of Cruise:

The objective of this cruise was to conduct a late larval survey of walleye pollock, and to continue studies of how hydrographic and/or atmospheric events affect the growth and survival of pollock larvae in Shelikof Strait. Secondary objectives were to collect data for analyzing the effects of El Nino on the distribution of ichthyoplankton, and to collect data for analysis of plankton production.

Summary of Operations:

CTD casts 18
Bongos, 60 cm 131
Bongos, 20 cm 4
Tucker trawls 11
Satellite tracked buoy deployment 2
SeaCat CTD casts 145

Samples Collected:
Chlorophyll samples 78
Nutrient samples 93
Microzooplankton samples 24
Larval pollock otoliths 891

Summary of Cruise:

The cruise began with occupation of a series of FOCI grid stations outside of Woman's Bay, around Afognak Island and down Shelikof Strait. Larval fish were sampled with a 60cm bongo. During this phase, line 8 in Shelikof Strait was sampled for hydrographic and plankton profiles.

Phase 2 was to conduct an ichthyoplankton survey over a grid of stations extending from about Mitrofania Island to Kodiak Island. All sampling was with a 60cm bongo. The first stations sampled were a series of near coastal stations beginning near Kodiak Island extending southwestward. Around Mitrofania Island, offshore stations were occupied while heading back towards Kodiak Island A total of 131 60 cm bongo net tows were conducted to determine the distribution and abundance of pollock larvae (Figure 1).

The next phase of operations was occupation of 11 stations for the El Nino study in the sea valley and exit region of Shelikof Strait. Sampling was conducted with Tucker trawls. At line 8 and at the El Nino stations, microzooplankton, chlorophyll, nutrients, and irradiance were sampled during 14 CTD casts.


Table 1. 5MF98 Cruise Summary of operations.
bulletPp. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Table 2. 5MF98 Cruise Sampling summary statistics
Figure 1. 5MF98 Bongo tow stations

Figure 1. Location of bongo stations during 5MF98 (MF98-08).

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