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EcoFOCI Ship Names & Codes:

AD   Aldebaron Contract 2010 In service  
AE   Alaskan Endeavor Contract 2014 In service  
AE   Alaskan Enterprise Contract 2010 In service  
AL   Academic Laurentiev Russia 2008 In service  
AQ   Aquila Contract 2011-14 In service  
AR   Arcturus Contract 2011 In service  
AR   McArthur NOAA 1994 Decommissioned  
BE   Bristol Explorer Contract 2012-13 In service  
BV   Big Valley Contract 2002-04 Out of service  
DI   Discoverer NOAA 1996 Decommissioned  
DY OD Oscar Dyson NOAA 2006-14 In service called OD in 06-07 (no overlap with Ocean Dawn)
EW   Maurice Ewing UNOLS/Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory 2002-04 Out of service  
FA   Fairweather NOAA 2005 In service  
GP   Great Pacific Contract 1999-2004 In service  
HLY HE, H1 Healy USCG 2007-09 In service  
HX   RV Alpha Helix UNOLS/UAF 1997-2004 Out of service  
KM   Kaiyo Maru Japan 1995 In service  
KM   Kilo Moana UNOLS/University of Hawaii 2003 In service  
KN   Knorr UNOLS/WHOI 2009 In service  
KR KH Professor Khromov Russia 2009-13 In service  
LA   Sir Wilfrid Laurier Canadian Coast Guard 1998-2005 In service  
LV   Sashin Contract 2014 In service  
MB   Mystery Bay Contract 2011 In service  
MD   Medeia Alaskan Department of Fish and Game 2005-07 In service  
ME   Melville UNOLS/Scripps 2008 In service  
MF   Miller Freeman NOAA 1994-2013 Decommissioned  
NW NWE Northwest Explorer Contract 2011-13 In service  
OD   Ocean Dawn Contract 2004-05 In service  
OM   Oshoro Maru Hokkaido University 1995-2007 In service  
PK   Professor Kaganovsky Russia 1998 In service  
PK   Puk-Uk Contract 2014 In service  
PS   Polar Sea USCG 2010 In service  
RB   Ronald H. Brown NOAA 2000-01 In service  
RS   Rusalca Russia 2014 In service  
SU   Surveyer NOAA 1994-95 Decommissioned  
TT TGT, TN Thomas G. Thompson UNOLS/UW 1999-2011 In service  
TX   Tiglax U.S. Fish and Wildlife 2011-13 In service  
VT   Victory Contract 2011 In service  
WE W Wecoma UNOLS/OSU 1997-2010 Out of service called W until 99 then switched to WE
ZO   Zolotoi Contract 1996 Out of service  

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