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EcoFOCI Mooring Site Locations & Codes:

Site Numbers
other names and references
AK Akutan Pass Aleutians 1-2  
GS Alaska Stream Aleutians 1-5  
AI Aleutian Islands Aleutians 1-3 East of Seguam Pass
AM Amukta Pass Aleutians 1-4 Code was 'AP' in 1995
B(0) B01,B02 Aleutians 01, 02 (03?) 1994, Reed,'97pub, N.side Aleutian Ridge
BC Barnabus Canyon Gulf of Alaska 1-4  
BS Bering Sea Bering Sea 1-8 Site 1, Site 2 ("Peggy"), Site 3, Site 4, Site 5, Site 6, Site 7, Site 8.  Also M1, M2, etc
KC Bristol Bay Bering Sea 1-2 KC for King Crab
CB Chiniak Bay Gulf of Alaska 1-3  
CH Chatham Strait Southeast Alaska 1  
CK Chukchi Chukchi Sea 1-3 multiple per site; first deployed Aug.2010
CS Cross Sound Southeast Alaska 1-3, 11-13 1=middle; 2=north; 3=south; 11=S of Baranoff Isl; 12=N of Baranoff Isl.; 13=south of Cross Sound. cs2/csp2 = SEA1010 (GOA-IERP).
FT Fate-1 Gulf of Alaska 1 FATE, FATE1
GL Glacier Bay Southeast Alaska 1-3 SEA1002, SEA1003, SEA1004 (GOA-IERP) Chris P.
GB Globec Gulf of Alaska 1-13 Seward line, (UAF GAK line); GBM3 "Oscar", GBM2 "Peggy"
GP Gore Point Gulf of Alaska 32-38  
KE Kennedy Entrance Gulf of Alaska 41 1991, 2011
IF Inner Front Bering Sea 1-13  
IP Icy Point GOA, SE Alaska 1-2 1=inshore; 2=offshore
PA Pavlof Bay Gulf of Alaska 1 PavlofBay (one word) has been used for PA
NS Near Strait Aleutians B,C,D west of Amchitka Pass, early moorings, 1-year, R.Reed,'94pub
PC Portlock Canyon Gulf of Alaska 1  
PI Pribilof Islands Bering Sea 1-8  
SE Southeast Alaska GOA, SE Alaska 1-2 1=N.Inian Pass, 2=Icy Straight. sep4 ~ SEA1010 (GOA-IERP)
SG Samalga Pass Aleutians 1-5  
SM Seguam Pass Aleutians 1-3  
SS Shelikof Strait Gulf/Kodiak 1-3  
SW Southwest Gulf of Alaska Gulf of Alaska 8, 16, 18  
SA St. George Island Bering Sea 1-4 Pribilof Islands
SP St. Paul Island Bering Sea 1-7 Pribilof Islands
STL St. Lawrence Island Bering Sea 1 N.Bering Sea, 2004 only (obsolete name)
SV Stevenson Entrance Gulf of Alaska 39 1991,2011
TG Tanaga Pass Aleutians 1-2  
UL Unalaska Line Bering Sea 1 near Bering Canyon   (added 12/2013)
UB Unimak Box Bering Sea 1 Shelf north of Unimak Pass   (added 12/2013)
UP Unimak Pass Aleutians 1-5  

  • In 'optional' third field, these letters can be used (P,M,V most common):
    • P indicates presence of ADCP on mooring,
    • Pr indicates 'Prawler' (new 2017. from ITAE moorings starting 2015)
    • M  indicates a surface mooring, no character indicates subsurface mooring with no ADCP,
    • V  indicates other 'variation' in mooring from usual.
    • T  indicates TAPS biophysical profiler (2004 was Temperature, obsolete useage)
    • ST indicates Sediment Trap
    • IP  indicates Ice Profiler (new 2010)
    • I  indicates Iron Meter (2005)
    • C indicates 'carbon' or PCO2 sensor (new 2011)
  • Older moorings used S and F (spring, fall) in lieu of a, b, c sequence in the last field
  • Older data files used AP for Amukta Pass, new files use AM
  • Naming conventions cover data from 1994 to present
  • FT is current Fate 1 code. Older code is 'FATE' or 'FATE1'
  • Bering Sea sites are often referred to as their Site numbers (see above).

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