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Back to the Backarc, Marianas

October 20, 2016

EOI and collaborators are the first scientists using the new Schmidt Ocean Institute’s ROV SuBastian aboard the R/V Falkor as they return to the Mariana back-arc spreading system on an expedition from November 29 to December 20.   This year's cruise follows up on discoveries made last year aboard R/V Falkor of new hydrothermal vent sites and lava flows in the Mariana back-arc.  EOI also co-directed several NOAA Ship Okeanos ROV Deep Discoverer dives this past summer yielding some additional observations in this relatively unexplored region.  ROV SuBastian will provide in-depth exploration and sampling of these systems to characterize their geologic setting, chemical environment, and biological communities.  This expedition is supported by Schmidt Ocean Institute, NOAA's Ocean Exploration and Research Program, and the NOAA Pacific Islands Regional Office. (Image courtesy of Schmidt Ocean Institute)