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Jeff Goodrich
Jeff is the NeMO "teacher at sea" on the NeMO-ROPOS expedition, submitting daily reports of the ships activities. Jeff's particpation is sponsored through Hatfield Marine Science Center's Sea Grant Program. Jeff is an earth science teacher at Lake Oswego High School in Oregon.

Michael Goodrich
Mike is the NeMO "teacher on shore", also sponsored through HMSC Sea Grant. He downloads the daily reports from the cruise and delivers updates on the scientific discoveries three times daily in the auditorium of the Hatfield Marine Science Center. He uses photos taken on board the vessels and the scientists daily logs for his presentations. He is available at the desk in the Public Wing's computer center to answer your questions. Mike is a "retired" teacher from Oregon and teacher-at-sea, Jeff's father.

Mary Beth Sands and Carol McDowell
Mary Beth and Carol are official NOAA "teachers at sea". They are helping scientists conduct CTD experiments aboard the NeMO-CTD cruise. Mary Beth is a teacher from Franklin High School in Livonia, MI and Carol teaches at Jamestown High School in Virginia.

Ted Davis
Ted is a teacher from South Broward Maritime Magnet High School in Florida who is bringing 5 of his students, the "Reefdogs", aboard the NeMO-CTD cruise. An unforgettable experience for all.

Vicki Osis /Bill Hanshumaker
Vicki and Bill are Sea Grant Marine Education Specialists at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Vicki selects and works with the NEMO teachers. She coordinates programs for teachers and students K-12 as well as providing workshops for teachers on a wide variety of marine topics. Bill develops the Hatfield Marine Science Center Public Wing's current displays on the NeMO cruise.