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  William Chadwick   OSU/Vents Program   Chief Scientist/Geology  
  Daniela DiIorio   University of Georgia   Physical Oceanography  
  Andra Bobbitt   OSU/Vents Program   Geology  
  Annie Bourbonnais   University of Victoria   Biology/Ecology  
  David Butterfield   UW/Vents Program   Chemistry  
  Nathan Buck   UW/Vents Program   Chemistry  
  David Caress   MBARI   AUV  
  David Clague   MBARI   AUV  
  Doug Conlin   MBARI   AUV  
  Andrew Dunn   University of Georgia   Undergraduate student  
  Leigh Evans   OSU/Vents Program   Chemistry  
  Matt Fowler   OSU/Vents Program   Hydrophones  
  Evan Kovacs   WHOI   HDTV specialist  
  Noah Lawrence-Slavas   NOAA/PMEL   Engineering  
  Mike LeBaron   Lake Norman High School   Educator  
  Trent Moore   Skidaway Institute   Engineering  
  Scott Nooner   Lamont Doherty   Geophysics  
  Eric Olson   University of Washington   Chemistry  
  Jenny Paduan   MBARI   AUV  
  Rob Priestly   Savannah Arts Academy   Educator/Outreach  
  Kevin Roe   UW/Vents Program   Chemistry  
  Jonathan Rose   University of Victoria   Biology  
  Sanjoy Som University of Washington Microbiology
  Hans Thomas MBARI AUV
  Duane Thompson MBARI AUV
  Will Sellers WHOI ROV Jason Expedition Leader
  Casey Agee WHOI ROV Jason
  Scott Hansen WHOI ROV Jason
  Jonathan Howland WHOI ROV Jason
  Akel Kevis-Stirling WHOI ROV Jason
  Mike McCarthy WHOI ROV Jason
  Cindy Sellers WHOI ROV Jason
  Jim Varnum WHOI ROV Jason
  Bob Waters WHOI ROV Jason
  Anton Zafereo WHOI ROV Jason
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