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2006 Videos: Ocean Explorer Return to the Mariana Arc
The edited video clips show highlights from NW Rota 1 dives with the JASON II remotely operated vehicle.
These movies are larger format versions (480 x 360) of the video clips available on the NOAA Ocean Exploration web site, along with images and logs from the expedition.

NW Rota 1 Biology Videos
Brimsonte image 0   Shrimp
There are two species of shrimp that live at NW Rota-1, despite the fact that it is an actively erupting volcano. One is smaller and paler and grazes primarily on bacterial mats at the hydrothermal sites. The other is larger and redder and is carnivorous. The two species live in close proximity and the carnivore apparently preys on the grazer.

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Brimstone image 1   Dead Animals
We observed dead animals falling to the seafloor numerous times, apparently killed by the on-going eruptive activity of the volcano. The species that were killed were all pelagic species, that is, animals that normally live in the water above the volcano, like pelagic shrimp, squid, and fish. In contrast, the resident hydrothermal shrimp did not seem to be bothered much by the erupting volcano, and in fact benefited from the extra source of food raining down from above.

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Brimstone image2   Crab Ride
One of the carnivorous shrimp resident at NW Rota-1 volcano catches a ride on a crab that is passing by.

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