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2006 Videos: Ocean Explorer Return to the Mariana Arc
The edited video clips show highlights from Nikko dives with the JASON II remotely operated vehicle.
These movies are larger format versions (480 x 360) of the video clips available on the NOAA Ocean Exploration web site, along with images and logs from the expedition.

Nikko 1   The floor of the summit crater at Nikko volcano has numerous hydrothermal vents that are vigorously venting cloudy water, making visibility challenging. Deposits of sulfur are everywhere and the biomass is extraordinary. Large tubeworm bushes are common, along with a huge number of crabs and flatfish.
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Nikko 2   The crater floor at Nikko has many sulfur chimneys, both active and inactive. Scientists were able to deduce that this one grew by repeated overflows of molten sulfur, which created the extraordinary embellishments on its sides.
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Nikko 3   The south rim of the summit crater at Nikko is covered by an amazing density of tubeworms, and hot springs nearby have formed unusual deposits of sulfur.
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Nikko 4   An embayment on the south slope of the summit cone at Nikko was found to contain a large area with boiling pots of molten sulfur, reminiscent of places like Yellowstone National Park.
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Nikko 5   Closer examination of the area around the molten sulfur pots reveals that what appears to be solid ground is really just a thin crust on a larger lake of molten sulfur!
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Nikko 6   When Jason tries to sample a rock, it sinks through the thin crust on the lake of molten sulfur and a crab barely survives the experience! At the end of the dive we found that part of the Jason frame had also broken through this crust and was coated in sulfur.
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