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2006 Videos: Ocean Explorer Return to the Mariana Arc
The edited video clips show highlights from East Diamante dives with the JASON II remotely operated vehicle.
These movies are larger format versions (480 x 360) of the video clips available on the NOAA Ocean Exploration web site, along with images and logs from the expedition.

East Diamante    
East Diamante 1   Scientist use the Jason II ROV to dive down around 350 meters (1150 feet) where they first glimpse the seafloor and extinct chimneys of the East Diamante volcano.
Quicktime: 14.5 MB | Windows Media 5.9 MB
East Diamante 2   The Jason II ROV samples an active sulfide chimney at East Diamante volcano.
Quicktime: 20.3 MB | Windows Media 8.2 MB
East Diamante 3   A multitude of tropical life exists at the Aquarium site.
Quicktime: 21.4 MB | Windows Media 8.1 MB

Proper Credits for the media:
Major funding for this expedition was provided by the following:
NOAA Ocean Exploration Program
NOAA EOI Program
All video clips were edited by Bill Chadwick, Oregon State University/NOAA

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