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2006 Videos: Ocean Explorer Return to the Mariana Arc
The edited video clips show highlights from Daikoku dives with the JASON II remotely operated vehicle.
These movies are larger format versions (480 x 360) of the video clips available on the NOAA Ocean Exploration web site, along with images and logs from the expedition.

Daikoku sulfur 1   Sulfur Cauldron was discovered on the western slope of Daikoku submarine volcano at a depth of 410 meters, ninety meters below the summit. Here molten sulfur is bubbling out of the ground and is accumulating in a pond that is 5 meters long and 3 meters wide. The molten sulfur that is black because of impurities mixed with the sulfur.
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Daikoku sulfur 2   Molten sulfur and volcanic gases are bubbling out of a vent along the far wall of Sulfur Cauldron and keep the partially crusted surface of the pond undulating. Sometimes the heaving is so great that pieces of crust near the vent break off, tip on end, and are pulled downward by the convecting currents in the pond. Quicktime: 18.4 MB| Windows Media: 8.2 MB
Daikoku sulfur 3   One of the amazing sights at Sulfur Cauldron was seeing flatfish swimming out on the crusted-over surface of the molten sulfur pond! These fish live on the adjacent slopes of the volcano in hydrothermal areas, but to see them on the sulfur pond was mind-boggling! Why would they do that?
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Daikoku sulfur 4   Jason II measures the temperature of the sulfur pond (187°C) and then takes a sample of the molten sulfur with a homemade ladle made from a coffee can attached to a long pole. By the time the can is lifted to take a look at it, the sulfur is already solidified.
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Daikoku flatfish 1   A dense group of tonguefish on the sedimented seafloor at Daikoku. The fish are more active than they appear at first glance.
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Daikoku flatfish 2   A dead mid-water fish floated down to the seafloor and is attacked by tonguefish at Daikoku.
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