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EOI Program Past Expeditions 2000-2018

2018 Contact Purpose
Geotraces GA-13 (20 Dec-1 Feb). Resing Water Column.
Lost City Leg 1 & 2 R/V Atlantis 8 Sep-1 Oct. Baumberger ROV Vent Sampling.
Axial 2018 R/V Kilo Moana (18-27 Aug). Chadwick ROV dives, mapping and sampling.
Cascadia Margin E/V Nautilus 13-30 June. Baumberger ROV dives mapping and seep sampling.
Cascadia Margin R/V Falkor (July). Merle Mapping.
Brothers Volcano (7-26 March). Walker ROV dives and sampling.
2017 Contact Purpose
Lau-Matas Leg 2 Falkor 27 Nov-18 Dec. Chadwick ROV dives and sampling.
Lau-Matas Leg 1 Falkor 10-21 Nov. Chadwick Mapping and water column studies
Axial 201713-23 Aug. 2017 Chadwick ROV fluid sampling; observations Axial New Lava Flows
E/V Nautilus May-June 2017 Embley/Merle Cascadia Margin Bathymetry/seep mapping
2016 Contact Purpose
R/V Western Flyer (July/August) Chadwick ROV observations Axial New Lava Flows
E/V Nautilus (June 2016) Embley/Merle Cascadia Margin Bathymetry/seep mapping
R/V Okeanos Explorer (April-July) Chadwick Mariana Back-arc; ROV exploration; Bathymetry mapping
2015 Contact Purpose
OP HAVRE Kermadec (March 2015) Walker AUV; mapping; water column; magnetics; gravity
Axial Volcano (August 2015) Chadwick Jason/Sentry; time-series studies; water column
Southern Colville Ridge-2 Resing water column
Mariana back-arc (November 2015) Chadwick Mapping/exploration
2014 Contact Purpose
Marianas (29 Nov.-21 Dec. 2014) Chadwick ROV Jason; mapping/water column studies
Axial Volcano (10-18 Aug. 2014) Butterfield Time-series fluid sampling
Maug (11-20 May 2014) Butterfield Ocean Acidification Marianas
2013 Contact Purpose
Ross Sea/60S Baker CTDs
Geotraces ETP Resing CTDs
CLIVAR A16N Leg 1 Resing CTDs
CLIVAR A16N Leg 2 Resing CTDs
Axial Seamount #1 Chadwick ROV Jason: fluid sampling/pressure
Axial Seamount #2 Butterfield ROV ROPOS: Axial microbial ecology/chemistry
Southern Colville Ridge-1 Merle Mapping
2012 Contact Purpose
Chile Rise Lupton AUV Sentry; CTDs
Axial Seamount Butterfield ROV Jason
North Lau Basin Resing ROV QUEST; CTDs
2011 Contact Purpose
Axial Seamount Chadwick ROV Jason
2010 Contact Purpose
Axial Seamount Chadwick ROV Jason
NE Lau Basin - Rapid Response Resing ROV Jason
NW Rota Mariana Arc Chadwick ROV Jason
2009 Contact Purpose
Juan de Fuca - Alvin dives Butterfield submersible sampling
NE Lau Basin - Rapid Response Lupton ROV Jason
NW Rota Mariana Arc Chadwick ROV Jason
2008 Contact Purpose
NE Lau Basin - Eruption discovery Lupton CTDs; mapping
Juan de Fuca Ridge - ALVIN dives Butterfield Submersible
Offshore Oregon Earthquake Response Dziak CTDs
Axial Volcano - NeMO Chadwick ROV; AUV; CTDs.
Aeolian Arc - Mediterranean Sea Baker CTDs
Scotia Sea - Antarctica Dziak Hydrophones
2006 Contact Purpose
Submarine Ring of Fire 2006 - Mariana Arc Embley ROV; CTDs; mapping
NeMO 2006 Butterfield ROV; CTDs; mapping
Submarine Ring of Fire 2005 - Kermadec Arc Embley ROV; CTDs.
NeMO 2005 Butterfield CTDs; RAS
Mid-Atlantic Ridge 4-5S Baker MAPRs; CTDs; TOBI
MBARI Ridges 2005 Chadwick ROV
Endeavour 2005 Baker Event response;camera; mapping
NeMO 2004 Chadwick ROV; mapping. CTDs.
Submarine Ring of Fire 2004 - Mariana Arc Embley ROV; mapping. CTDs.
Oregon Margin 2004 Merle Mapping
South West Indian Ridge Baker CTDs; deep tow side scan; MAPRs
Submarine Ring of Fire 2003 - Mariana Arc Embley Mapping; CTDs.
NeMO 2003 Chadwick ROV; Mapping; CTDs.
NW Indian Ocean Baker CTDs; MAPRs
Sounds of the Sea 2003 Dziak Hydrophones; mapping
Gakkel Ridge - Arctic Baker CTDs; MAPRs; dredge; rock core; camera
South West Indian Ridge Baker CTDs; dredge
Galapagos Baker DSL; CTDs; MAPRs
Submarine Ring of Fire 2002 - Explorer Ridge Baker/Embley ROV; Mapping
NeMO 2002 Embley ROV; Mapping
Oregon Margin 2002 Embley Mapping
Pioneer Fox Mapping
Astoria Canyon Phase I Embley Mapping
Astoria Canyon Phase II (Leg A) Embley ROV; mapping; CTDs
Heceta Bank Phase III (Leg B) Embley ROV; CTDs.
Event response to Jackson segment on Gorda Ridge Baker CTDs; camera
NeMO 2001 Embley ROV Ops
Cobb/BrownBear/Nootka Dziak Mapping
Gulf of Alaska PMEL/Haruphones-Tsunami Dziak Mapping; hydrophones
Heceta Bank 2000 Embley ROV; submersible dives
Samoa Baker CTDs
NeMO 2000 (Vents 2000 Leg 2) Embley ROV; mapping