Ocean Acidification Blue Ribbon Panel

A panel of science and policy experts to address the effects of OA on WA’s shellfish resources

In March, Gov. Chris Gregoire convened an Ocean Acidification Blue Ribbon Panel, the first of its kind in the nation.  “Washington state has a large stake in addressing ocean acidification,” Gregoire said. “Our shellfish industry employs thousands of people, and brings in millions of dollars to our state on an annual basis. Continued success depends on healthy ocean water. Bill Ruckelshaus, Jay Manning and the other panel members will help find ways to respond to ocean acidification to protect both our economy and our natural resources, and I thank them for their willingness to lead this critical effort.”

PMEL Carbon Group lead, Dr. Richard Feely, is a member of the panel.  For more information about the panel and upcoming meetings, see the Washington State Department of Ecology website.

For news coverage of the panel, see the KUOW story and interview with panel members, including Dr. Feely.

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