NOAA Research Employee of the Month, Nov 2011

Simone Alin played a significant role in the organization, creation and implementation of the new Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Carbon Program website. Launched in February 2011, the web site offers information on the oceanic carbon cycle and ocean acidification, as well as data for scientists, educators, and the general public in an easy to navigate and understand format while using the latest technological tools, such as Google Earth, to display data. In a process that took a little over 6 months, Simone worked closely with the developers to help design and develop educational graphics, provide valuable content, and contribute to the overall look of the site. A key element in the success of the web site was the development of tools that make it easy to add additional data easily and quickly to Google Earth as well as new stories to the web site. This will allow the web site to remain fresh and up-to-date even though the initial web development is complete.

Associated Stories