Job opening in PMEL's Carbon Group




JISAO has an outstanding opportunity for a Temporary Research Scientist/Engineer 3- Marine Carbon position. This employee is responsible for leading the development of Python code and associated documentation to quality control (QC) delayed-mode ocean carbon data from surface buoys and autonomous surface vehicles in support of ocean acidification and ocean carbon cycle research conducted by JISAO and NOAA. This JISAO/UW employee works within a research group at NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) that performs cutting-edge research on anthropogenic impacts on the marine carbon cycle, with a focus on ocean acidification studies.

Major duties will include:

  1. Convert existing VBA scripting that processes and QC’s delayed-mode oceanographic data to Python;
  2. Further enhance and integrate code to include: property-to-property comparisons, climatological products, advanced statistical methodologies, and automated flagging;
  3. Determining feasibility of additional QC automation and identify technical approaches;
  4. Develop an architecture for accessing server-side Python code libraries;
  5. Develop extensive Unit testing of all Python code;
  6. Document code for two audiences: future QC software users and PMEL data scientists and developers who will maintain the code;
  7. Assist User Interface (UI) developer in defining the UI architecture; and
  8. Support and closely collaborate with developer and scientific staff through software repositories, collaboration hubs, technical presentations, and biweekly scientific and developer meetings.


BS or higher, or an equivalent combination of education and experience, in computer science, ocean science, applied mathematics, or data science.

Required experience:

  • 3 to 5 years of software development experience in support of application or server backend development. Demonstrated experience in developing a significant Python application.
  • Very strong Python skills. Facile with code management/versioning systems such as Git and Github.
  • Understanding and competence in working with Python scientific libraries and Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Experience working with scientific datasets.
  • The ideal candidate will have excellent writing and presentation skills in English as well as experience in solving routine and difficult problems individually and within collaborations.

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except where there are legal requirements such as license/certification/registration.

Desired experience:

  • Understanding and competence working in Java, JavaScript, SQL, Matlab, R, VBA.
  • Experience working with the following commonly used scientific data formats: NetCDF, XML, ASCII, JSON.
  • Understanding of ocean carbon and biogeochemistry.

Condition of Employment:
This position's base is at NOAA/PMEL at Sandpoint in Seattle, WA but could accommodate a teleworking schedule.