The R/V Roger Revelle completed a hydrographic survey of CLIVAR/CO2 section I9N in the Indian Ocean, nominally along 95°E (between 28°S and 4°S) and up into the Bay of Bengal, from 22 March to 01 May 2007. The 41 day cruise began at 0800 22 March 2007 from Fremantle, Western Australia and ended at 0800 01 May 2007 in Phuket, Thailand.

A total of 111 stations were occupied. The station numbers were consecutive with those from the I8S cruise (Chief Scientist Jim Swift) that was occupied just prior to I9N from 2 February to 17 March 2007. The first cast of I9N, Station 89, was a reoccupation of the I8S Station 88. Station spacing was nominally 30 nm apart, except at the equator where station spacing was 20 nm. Stations 89 through 147 are exact repeats of the 1995 WOCE I9N Stations 155 to 212. Our transect then deviated slightly westwards from WOCE I9N to avoid the Indonesian EEZ, before angling northwestward up into the Bay of Bengal. Stations 172 through 176 are reoccupations of 1995 WOCE I1E Stations 991,990,989 (also WOCE I9N Station 268), 987 and 986. Stations 178 through 193 followed the original WOCE I9N section Station 260 to 271 across the north-eastward central axis of the Bay of Bengal. Station 182 repeated station 174 as well as the corresponding WOCE I1 (989) and WOCEI9N (268) stations. After a short northward section from Station 193, our station sampling ended at Station 199 in ~2000 m water depth.

Carbon Data
CTD and other hydrographic data
Section designation: I09N
Chief Scientists: Janet Sprintall and Sabine Mecking
Cruise Dates: 22 March 2007 to 01 May 2007
Ship: R/V Roger Revelle
Ports of Call: Fremantle, Australia to Phuket, Thailand
Number of stations: 111
Stations Geographic boundaries: 18°0.19' N to 28°18.8' S by 85°39.44' E to 95°0.87' E

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