GLODAPv2 2019 Release

The GLODAPv2_2019 data product has been released on March 25 during the AtlantOS conference in Paris. The EU project AtlantOS supported the new release significantly, together with the IOCCP and numerous national funding bodies, universities and research institutes. The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP) is a data synthesis activity of interior-ocean carbon-relevant data by international marine carbon scientists.

GLODAPv2_2019 is an update of the GLODAPv2 data product released in 2016. Data from 116 new cruises have been added and numerous small errors in the v2 data product have been amended. GLODAPv2_2019 contains data collected at 840 cruises with >1.1 million bottle samples covering the global oceans from 1972 through 2017.

The data in GLODAP have gone through a rigorous two-step quality control (QC) procedure: primary QC focused on the precision of the data; secondary QC focused on the accuracy of the data. Extensive quality control were carried out for salinity, oxygen, nutrient, carbon dioxide, total alkalinity, pH and chlorofluorocarbon data. Whenever identified, significant biases in data have been corrected for.

In addition to global and regional synthesis files containing the bias minimized data, all of the original data files without alteration other than formatting and unification of units are made available along with whatever metadata that were collected. An on-line cruise summary table provides data access and additional information including references to publications that have used data from specific cruises. Full documentation is provided in a manuscript that will be submitted to Earth System Science Data shortly.

Please visit us at, the data is available at NCEI;