Former lab members

Dr. Nina Bednaršek, Senior Scientist, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia Nina

Cathy Cosca, retired  

Jessica Cross, CO2 removal coordination at Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryJessica Photo

Dr. Sophie Chu, Oceanographer, Captura

John Evans, Computer Systems Analyst, Montana State University

Dr. Andrea Fassbender, Research Physical Scientist, NOAA PMEL Andrea

Francisco Fuenmayor, OMAO Cisco

Dr. Laurie Juranek, Assistant Professor, CEOS, Oregon State University Laurie

Morgan Langis, Clinical Technician at the UW Medical Center


Elizabeth Mackie, OMAO 

Dr. Chris Sabine, Professor, Department of Oceanography, University of Hawai`i at Manoa Chris

Dr. Katie Shamberger, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University Katie

Dr. Nancy Williams, Manager, Product Strategy and Analytics, CarMax Katie