Bermuda Testbed Mooring (31.5°N, 64°W)

The MAPCO2 sensor was first deployed on the Bermuda Testbed Mooring (BTM) on October 22, 2005. The mooring was located ~80 km southeast of Bermuda. Instruments were being used to collect meteorological and spectral radiometric measurements from a buoy tower. Subsurface measurements included currents, temperature, conductivity, several inherent and apparent optical properties, and nitrate and trace element concentrations. The high temporal resolution, long-term data collected from the mooring provide important information concerning episodic and periodic processes ranging in scale from minutes to years. The mooring was discontinued in October 2007. Please visit the The Bermuda Testbed Mooring (BTM) Website for more information.

Note: The BTM was discontinued on October 1, 2007. Efforts are underway to re-establish a mooring at the BATS site.

Finalized Data: National Centers for Environmental Information NCEI.

Plots of surface water and atmospheric CO2: