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The changing Arctic climate is a harbinger of a global future, but to understand emerging patterns we need to know more about the past history of the Earth's weather. The handwritten journals and logbooks of scientists and sailors who for centuries have left records of the weather and environmental conditions they encountered on their travels provide unique information about the history of the Arctic climate. See the Arctic Rediscovery YouTube Video (right).

Old Weather
Log book pages

Help scientists recover Arctic weather observations made by explorers. These transcriptions will contribute to climate model projections and improve a database of weather extremes. Historians will use your work to track past ship movements and the stories of the people on board.

Student Projects

Students contribute to the Arctic Rediscovery Project in a variety of ways – from working directly with scientists and archivists on data recovery projects to conducting field experiments.

A Look Back
A Look Back gallery

What did the Arctic Ocean look like 150 years ago? Photos reveal fascinating details of life on historical ships in the Bering Sea – Arctic region beginning in the mid-19th century. The photos augment the data being recovered from the ships logs.