WCRP Flux meeting May 2001: Surface heat fluxes from the TAO Enhanced Array along 95W

Warning: This writeup was done to help organize my thoughts prior to the presentation.
The actual presentation may have been quite different!

WCRP Flux meeting

Potomac, MD -- May 21-23 2001

  • Fig. 1: Title slide. (2min/2min)

    Surface heat fluxes from the TAO Enhanced Array along 95W

    Meghan F. Cronin
    Michael J. McPhaden

    NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA USA

    Acknowledgements: NOAA/OGP, NOAA/OAR


      * TAO flux moorings
      * PACS/EPIC -- Understanding the coupling between the cold tongue & ITCZ
      * 95W Enhanced TAO array
      * June 2000 observations of the CT/ITCZ system
      * Seasonal and intraseasonal variability
      * Summary

    Figure 2. TAO homepage (1min/3 min)

    Figure 3. The TAO flux buoy (0.5min/3.5 min)

    Figure 4. Q0 definition (1 min/4.5 min)

    (note: a + Q0 will tend to warm the ocean).

    Figure 5. Table of errors (2 min/6.5 min)

    Figure 6. TAO flux bibliography (1 min/7.5 min)

    Figure 7.  EPIC science objectives (1.5 min/9 min)

    Figure 8.  Area of work (1 min/10 min)

    Figure 9.  June 2000 Cold Tongue/ITCZ complex  (from TAO/EPIC data) (2 min/12 min)

    Figure 10.  8S 95W observables (from TAO/EPIC data) (2 min/14 min)

    Figure 11.  10N 95W observables (from TAO/EPIC data) (2 min/16 min)

    Figure 12. Summary (1 min/17 min)


    As part of the PACS/EPIC program, the TAO 95W line has been enhanced with additional sensors and moorings to monitor heat, moisture, and momentum fluxes and upper ocean temperature, salinity, and velocity, from the stratus deck region at 8S, 95W through the cold tongue to 12N, 95W, north of the ITCZ.

    Enhancements began in Fall 1999 and are scheduled to span a total of 3-4 years.

    These measurements show complex meridional structure and temporal variability.

    TAO flux moorings can act as flux reference sites. Cross-reference studies with other flux moorings (TAO, IMET, TRITON) are currently underway.

    Figure 13. WHOI I/C (1 min/18 min)

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