Is it necessary to use daily data?

  • black = mean (scalar - daily-vector-averaged wind speed)
  • red = mean((wsc-ws)/wsc)
  • green = mean diurnal gustiness (gustiness = sqrt(wsc^2 - ws^2))
  • blue = mean hourly gustiness modeled by v3.0 flux algorithm.

    The mean error (black line) & mean relative error (red line) show that using daily-vector-averaged wind speed instead of scalar wind speed causes a small error over the southern hemisphere, but about a 10-12% error at and north of the ITCZ region. Note that although the mean error is .1 m/s (less than the error in the sensor), there is significant "gustiness" due at this timescale.

    In particular, the diurnal gustiness is more than twice as large as the hourly gustiness over the warm waters north of the cold tongue.

    This shows that the diurnal gustiness is a very serious problem in the ITCZ region.

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