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Re: [las_users] Plot in the front page of LAS is not showing


Is this a public server? If so, what is the URL. If not, can you check your browser console to see if you see any error messages? 

Has the server changed from http to https recently? 


On Wed, Feb 9, 2022 at 10:42 PM Jessica Borges Posterari <7776446050@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Good afternoon,

I am currently managing a LAS server that was installed in our machine a few years ago, the version installed is LAS v8.6.2. It seems that the server is working well so far, but I noticed that the plot that was supposed to show in the front page when I select a dataset is just not there. The only way to actually see the plots generated is by clicking on “print”, which opens a new window. I have been looking through the .xml files to see where can this setting be defined but I still have not figured out how to solve this. I thought maybe ui.xml would be the place but also no luck. Can someone please tell me where is the front plot defined and how can I add this feature? Thank you.

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