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Re: [las_users] LAS 8.6.8 CSV download error on some data sets

Hi Bryan,

Thank you for the report. We'll look into it - the debug file definitely helps.


On 1/17/2020 1:17 PM, Littlefield, Bryan wrote:
Hi Roland,

We are currently using LAS version 8.6.8 and discovering that downloading CSV files for some data sets is generating a ERROR.
We can download ASCII & NetCDF fine, its just the CSV download.

We see this error:
           *** NOTE: Axis has repeated values -- micro-adjusting time
 **ERROR: invalid command: illegal new name.  Variable analysed_sst_in exists in dataset
SET VAR/NAME=analysed_sst_in analysed_sst
Command file, command group, or REPEAT execution aborted

go "$1"
 !-> go "/usr/local/tomcat/content/EarthSystemLAS/conf/server/scripts/temp/ferret_operation_697948_1579295162447.jnl"
Any idea what we need to adjust to fix the CSV downloads?

Thanks --Bryan

P.S. Attached the debug file just in case it helps.

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