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Re: [las_users] Right axis label

Hi Josh,

This would be better asked on the Ferret Users' list, but that's fine. 

- The first PLOT command should use PLOT/SET, so that the PPL settings you make will be applied to that plot. 

- The  right_axis_plot script makes some settings that may not work well with different length labels. I suppose it could be tweaked, but here's another way to do this, drawing the two lines in separate identical viewports.  The plot axes line up, and each plot draws only the plot axes for that line.  Try this example - where I've just faked some data using one of the included datasets

cancel mode logo

! fake some data for the example
use monthly_navy_winds
let etw = uwnd
let netpp = vwnd

! Draw each line with its vertical axis in a separate viewport
set view full

plot/set/axes=1,1,1,0 etw[x=@ave,y=@ave]
PPL XLAB Time (Months since 1970)
PPL YLAB Sea surface temperature (DegC)
PPL Title Seasonal fluctuation in sea surface temperature (black) and <NL>net primary productivity (red) over 36 years

! Now the second line
define view/x=0:1/y=0:1 full_2
set view full_2

plot/nolab/axes=0,0,0,1/color=red/title=" " netpp[x=@ave,y=@ave]

! Now add the right-axis label
annotate/norm/xpos=1.1/y=0.5/angle=90/halign=0/siz=0.12 "net primary productivity (units)"

 This plot doesn't have a sample red line. One of the "legend" scripts could be used, but what I've done is just say that one line is black and the other red in the text.


On 1/30/2019 4:01 AM, Josh Butterworth wrote:

I was wondering if anyone could help sorting my right axis label out. I've used the following code to achieve an 'almost' complete figure but the right axis label drops off of the bottom right hand corner of the window, would anyone happen to know how to centralise it?

yes? plot etw[x=@ave,y=@ave]
yes? PPL XLAB Time (Months since 1970)
yes? PPL YLAB Sea surface temperature (DegC)
yes? PPL Title Seasonal fluctuation in sea surface temperature and net primary productivity over 36 years
yes? go right_axis_plot netpp[x=@ave,y=@ave]

Thanks in advance,

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