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Re: [las_users]LASv8.6.1/2 install problems

Many thanks! This indeed resolves the FER_FONTS/PLOTFONTS problem. However, the basic problem remains the same, also with las_6.8.1 and ferret_7.1. F-TDS is working correctly, but LAS comes up with no information on the coordinates of the data sets. Only coads_climatology is read correctly. Switching to the old fer_dsets does not help either.

Just to summarise and complete:
- the backends of the product server do not work. At earlier LAS versions I get some reasonable output from adresses like

This does not work any more with the new installation -> error 404.

I will be patient, until Roland is back.


On 08/01/2017 06:49 PM, Ansley C. Manke wrote:
Hi Martin,

I do not have much help for the odd behavior with the UI, except to say that occasionally I've found it helpful to clear the browser cache for such things.

I can address the issue with the environment variable. There is an inconsistency between LAS configure.pl and the most recent Ferret release, v7.2 which doesn't use PLOTFONTS but instead looks for the environment variable FER_FONTS. (This will be corrected in the next Ferret release.)

LAS v8.6.1 will work well with Ferret v7.1, so that is our recommendation.

Or you could edit both FerretBackendConfig.xml and FerretConfig.xml to include both FER_FONTS and PLOTFONTS.


The closing tag should be </application>. FerretBackendConfig.xml and FerretConfig.xml are both needed. They are created when you run configure.


On 8/1/2017 7:23 AM, Martin Schmidt wrote:
Just to add to the previous letter:

with logging level "DEBUG" and "ERROR" enabled, it turns out, that the initial horizontal axis-span is zero for all data sets except the coads-climatology.

LAS http-apr-8080-exec-3 ERROR server.LASAction - The longitude region requested reduces to a single point and is too small. LAS http-apr-8080-exec-3 ERROR server.LASAction - **ERROR The x region is too small. It reduces to a single point.
                                 DEFINE SYMBOL region_0_x_hi = 0
                                 DEFINE SYMBOL region_0_x_lo = 0
                                 DEFINE SYMBOL region_0_y_hi = 0
                                 DEFINE SYMBOL region_0_y_lo = 0
                                 DEFINE SYMBOL region_0_z_hi = 0
                                 DEFINE SYMBOL region_0_z_lo = 0
!-> IF 1 THEN
DEFINE SYMBOL error_string = The ($dir1) region is too small. It reduces to a single point. !-> DEFINE SYMBOL error_string = The x region is too small. It reduces to a single point.
      GO LAS_error_msg
! Enter_GO LAS_error_msg
MESSAGE/ERROR **ERROR ($error_string)
!-> MESSAGE/ERROR **ERROR The x region is too small. It reduces to a single point.

The LAS browser output never finishes and cannot be cancelled. In las.log:

LAS http-apr-8080-exec-2 ERROR server.LASAction - Illegal request parameter value. LAS http-apr-8080-exec-2 ERROR server.LASAction - Request contains a parameter value that is not allowed.

Martin Schmidt

Dr. Martin Schmidt
Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
Seestrasse 15
D18119 Rostock

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