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[las_users] LAS 8.6 error using Compute Average

Using Ferret 6.9.5 and LAS 8.6, a user reported what looks like an error or bug in computing averages over time using the https:/mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov Live Access Server.  
The user was calculating the average over time for Daily Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) under our category Oceans.  I was able to recreate the problem by plotting the individual SST data for Jan, Feb and Mar 2005.  The values for these plots on the color bar ranged from  -1.65 to 32.9 Celsius but when the average over time  was plotted, the range of values was –180 to 3157.   The values are also high when computing average over time.

The data is actually in Kelvin and is converted to Celsius using an init script containing the following:

let/title="Daily Sea Surface Temperature - GHRSST"/units="Celsius" analysed_sst_C = analysed_sst-273

DEFINE SYMBOL data_var =  analysed_sst_C

After commenting out the init script on the development server, the computed averages were still high.

Are other people seeing these kind of results also?

Penny Oots

SSAI, NASA Langley, Hampton, VA

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