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Re: [las_users] RE: [LAS v8.6]Label in maps, graphs generated by LAS

Hi Morgan,

There are a few different options which you can do by customizing the Ferret scripts in las_home/JavaSource/resources/ferret/scripts/  Once you have changed scripts there, redeploy your LAS or copy the changes to both of these locations:


You could add to the annotations that are shown via html, so that your text will be added to the box at the top of the page along with the dataset and variable name and another notes that are written there for the particular LAS output. If your viewers use the Print button in LAS, they will also see those annotations.

Go into  LAS_annotations_xml.jnl, and right at the top, add these commands to define a "note"
! LAS_annotations_xml.jnl
! write xml for annotations that are taken off the plot
! and given back to LAS for display

DEFINE SYMBOL note_num = `($note_num"0") + 1`
DEFINE SYMBOL note_($note_num)_lab = Here is my additional text
That will look like the first image I have attached, note.png.

Or, you can add to the line that describes the LAS and Ferret versions, in LAS_ferret_las_version_header.jnl. Add your text to this line:

   DEFINE SYMBOL las_ferret_header_label = LAS ($ferret_las_version)/Ferret ($FERRET_VERSION)     NOAA/PMEL    My Additional Label with the Company name

That looks like version_header.png. 

For both of those, the information you're adding is in the html that accompanies the image but is not written to the image itself.  If your viewers save the image, they lose all of the annotations, including this new one that you add.

To add text to the image itself, we can go into LAS_results.jnl.  At the top of the script, anywhere before the FRAME command is issued, you can draw a label.

! LAS_results.jnl creates the result files.
! The argument is the refmap type "box", "xline", "yline", or "point"

! Result "plot_image" is the the image file result_plot_image_filename

! Add a line at the bottom of the plot with some additional text.
ANNOTATE/NORM/XPOS=0.5/YPOS=-0.06/HALIGN=0/SIZE=0.14 "My Additional Text"

It could be added elsewhere on the page, but I think this would be the most likely not to conflict with other elements on the page.  I've centered it; but you could position it to the left or right; the Ferret "annotate" command is documented in the Ferret documentation and we can give you a hand if you need help getting it to look the way you want.

On 4/11/2017 8:12 AM, Billon Morgan (SCALIAN) wrote:



Is it impossible ?


Thank you for your help





De : Billon Morgan (SCALIAN)
Envoyé : vendredi 7 avril 2017 10:59
À : 'las_users@xxxxxxxx'
Objet : [LAS v8.6]Label in maps, graphs generated by LAS


Hi dear Roland and LAS team,


I want to add a title in the maps or graphs with the name of my company (for example, if someone print a maps or juste save it). I tried things under webapps/las/WEB-INF/classes/resources/ferret/scripts/LAS_ferret_las_version_header.jnl but it didn’t work.


Could you help me?


Thanks you



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