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[las_users] Computations with new LAS installation

We are in the process of installing/configuring a new LAS (LAS 8./Ferret 6.85).  From what we can tell the initial installation was successful, unfortunately we cannot  yet execute requests that require any sort of computation (e.g., Average, Min, Max, Sum, etc.).  When we select an option (other than ‘None’) from the ‘Compute’ drop-down we get an error that states:


A component needed for your request is down or was not installed.

If you are the site adminstrator, verify that your F-TDS installation is working correctly, then restart your servlet container (Tomcat) or reinit your server from the admin page.

From what we can see the F-TDS install is working correctly and we have restarted the system as instructed, but the error remains.  Any guidance on how we could develop a troubleshooting strategy to figure out what might be going wrong?  Requests that do not require computation seem to produce the expected output.  We are currently working with the sample dataset provided for testing (i.e., “Subset of World Ocean Atlas monthly 1994 Monthly Means – Temperature”).


Thanks for any insight.



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